Based in Bandung

We are looking for someone who: 

  1. Has experience in manufacturing/construction
  2. Has experience in project management 
  3. Has team leading and communication skills
  4. Can work independently and make decisions
  5. Willing to travel across the country to carry out project’s tasks
  6. Speaks English and Indonesian fluently 
  7. Having Engineering degree is a plus

Key responsibilities are: 

  1. Overall technical project management and budget controlling
  2. Sourcing materials and identifying workshops/contractors for manufacturing
  3. Work closely with local authorities to organise permissions to deploy waste collection technologies rivers
  4. Carry out site measurements (in rivers)
  5. Oversee the manufacturing, deployment and maintenance of waste collection technologies
  6. Actively look for local partners and collaboration opportunities to maximize the possible impact of the project
  7. Documentation and reporting of progress to PF management on a regular basis

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